Taiwan Virtual Asset Anti-money laundering Association

The purpose of the Taiwan Virtual AssetAnti-money laundering Association(TVAAA) is to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism through hosting seminars and educational talks. To educate and guide the practitioners and the market to have the correct concept of anti-money laundering and anti-financing of terrorism, TVAAA gathered people with expertise in anti-money laundering, virtual commodities, and cryptocurrencies, offering professional suggestion based on Financial Action Task Force (FATF),international compliance and domestic regulations.


The origin

As one of the applications of block chain, virtual asset, as an emerging value carrier, has become prevailed world wide since 2008, which has a considerable impact on the existing industry and challenges traditional financial regulatory system. Inevitably, regulatory authorities in various countries launched to regulate and impose policies on virtual asset trading in order to mitigate the risks of the development of emerging technologies, among which the regulation of money laundering prevention is the most crucial.  On the other hand, in response to Asia/PacificGroup on Money Laundering (APG), on 7 November, 2018, Taiwan government enacted amendments to the Money Laundering Control Act, meanwhile, the term " virtual currency" officially appear in the law of Taiwan. On April 7, 2021, the Executive Yuan designated the scope of the virtual currency platform and transaction as financial institutions in accordance with Article 5, Item 4 of the LaunderingControl Act, which became effective on 1 July of the same year. This demonstrates the significance and determination of our government to anti-money laundering of virtual currency.

Our goals

Quarterly, we host a seminar and bring together industry, government, and academia, to explore in depth the issues related to virtual currency money laundering, and to promote the awareness of anti-money laundering among practitioners so as to create a virtuous cycle. In addition, we also provide counseling to obtain anti-money laundering licenses and cultivate talents for the virtual currency industry in Taiwan, anticipate to become the norm for learning anti-money laundering in virtual currency worldwide.

TVAAA-connection with people


We gather all sectors of the industry, government and academia in Taiwan to promote the prominence of virtual currency AML.



We provide professional suggestions based on FATF and domestic AML guidelines, compliance and regulations.



We cultivate virtual currency AML talents, encouraging the acquisition of licenses, and cooperate with universities and associations to lecture related courses.



We actively promote international exchanges and cooperation, facilitating the exchange of AML knowledge and experience.

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